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Our Impact & Program

We strive to empower, inform, and build trust with Black Americans, and then leverage that trust to drive civic engagement.


In 2020, survey results from our subscribers reported they trust PushBlack more than many mainstream media outlets or leading political figures, including Michelle Obama herself. 


This trust forms the foundation of our ability to drive civic engagement and enact narrative change on a significant scale. The impact of our efforts speaks volumes:

By The Numbers

Our Civic Engagement Program

Black voters are being disenfranchised. That disenfranchisement happens through legislation, as well as media and misinformation that seeks to devalue or dismiss Black votes. This leads to ripple effects where Black interests and issues are continually underrepresented in our government and legislation.


Our civic engagement program combats this by mobilizing Black Americans to get out the vote.


We tell empowering stories that build trust with our readers and motivate them to become digital organizers in their own communities. Since 2018, this has resulted in turning out more than a million Black voters who otherwise would not have voted.


Historically, campaigns and organizations have struggled to get people to share personalized GOTV messages at any scale. However, our work solves this issue and will continue to expand in scope and impact as we develop more civic engagement campaigns.

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